BC Media Group was originally founded as Blogstand Media LLC in 2008. We started as an ad rep firm for 20 men’s interest sites and very quickly our network grew to 150 publishers.

However, like most business plans, things change and they change fast. Blogstand branched out to represent other demographics such as moms, pet fanatics, video publishers and news based sites. We also began developing our own properties, WordPress plugins, and applications, along with offering services such as yield optimization, viral video seeding and media buying. We quickly found ourselves as more than your “go to” company to advertise on premium blogs.

As we entered 2012 we knew that as much as we loved the Blogstand brand, it was time for a change. We were in need of something that was a better representation of what we actually do, which is why we re-branded as BC Media Group.  We are now an exclusive digital publisher only focused on our owned and operated properties.


Michael Chace, CEO

Michael Chace is a 2000 graduate of Merrimack College, and 2002 graduate of Florida State University. In 2006 he began his career in online marketing with a focus on small business websites, lead generation, and local search engine optimization. Michael’s experience over the past decade encompasses content strategy, adops, programmatic and direct sales monetization, and performance marketing for clients as well as BC Media Group owned properties.